Horse Trivia and Quizzes

Horses are incredible creatures and here are some facts and quizzes about them.


1: Horses are omnivoures which means they eat only grains and grasses.

2: Female horses are called MARES and male horses are called STALLIONS.  Baby horses are called FOALS.

3: Horses are herd animals which means they like being together.

4: Horses can sense emotions in people.

5: Horses are one of the most useful animals to man.


Quiz 1 

1) Horses have four gaits.  Which one of these is NOT one of the gaits?

a) trot  |  b) canter  |  c) jump  |  d) walk


2) Horses have many coat patterns.

a) TRUE  |  b) FALSE


3)  Horses are –

a) social creatures  |  b) ugly  |  c) distrustful  |  d) stupid


4) Horses can do many things.  What is NOT one of the things that horses can do?

a) jump  |  b) talk  |  c) run very fast


5) Horses are able to sit down with very great ease.

a) TRUE  |  b) FALSE


Comment on this post to get the answer key and another quiz and more trivia.




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