The Majestic Friesian

The Friesian horse is a coal black, powerful horse.  It’s origins stem back to Friesland where they were first bred.  Friesians are power and fire personified.

In the Middle Ages they were used as warhorses.  Nowadays they are used for shows and pleasure riding.

The Friesian is generally recognized by it’s uniformly black color and it’s long wavy mane.  Friesians have a powerful conformation called “Baroque.”  Another type of Friesian developed is the “sport” horse with a lighter body.

Overall, Friesians are a powerful horse that is good for many things.


4 thoughts on “The Majestic Friesian

  1. Wow! The pictures of the Friesians are sooooooo beautiful!!!!! The Friesian is my fav horse breed. I also like the Pinto horse. Maybe you could do a post about them?

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