The Hardy Mustang

The Mustang is a wild horse with a free spirit.  It is wild and for the most part ugly.

The Mustangs are thought to be descened from the Spanish horses that Cortés brought to the new world.  Through years of inbreeding and harsh weather and treatment, the Mustang became a stunted, little, for the most part, drab horse.  The North American Indians caught many of the wild horses and tamed them.  Since, the Indians wanted swift horses, they tried to improve the breed with some success.

In the 1800’s, ranchers, who also wanted better horses, shot the dominant stallions in the mustang herds and replaced them with better quality animals.  This experiment had little success though.

Then in the 1900’s people started capturing and selling Mustangs for food and the army.  Slaughtering them became normal.  Then a courageous woman nicknamed “Wild Horse Annie” started fighting for the Mustangs.  She succeeded, and an act called ‘The Free-Roaming Horse and Burro act of1971″ was passed protecting all wild horses.

Today, most Mustangs still roam in their natural habitat.

The Nevada quarter featuring the Mustang.


A Mustang herd

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