The Brumby

I think the Brumby is not one of the best horse breeds.  They are wild, ugly, and they feed on the food meant for cows and other domesticated animals.

Brumbies live in Australia and are seen as pests.  Nevertheless they have their uses; scientists use them to the determine what the hard terrain of Australia does to horses hooves and their eating habits.

Brumbies are sold on the European meat market sometimes and greatly improve Australia’s economy.  Brumbies are now also used as saddle horses.

A bay horse (brown body with black mane and tail) wearing a headcollar, standing in a green field with trees in the background

Four thin horses and a foal in a pen fenced with pipe panels, some eating hay

A small group of dark-colored horses standing near a dirt road

Black and white photo of a well-groomed Brumby standing sideways to the camera, wearing a Barcoo bridle but no saddle, set up in a squared-up conformation stance, as if at a horse show.

7 thoughts on “The Brumby

  1. You also state that “horses are the most beautiful animal” how can you even say that if you’re singling out a breed.

  2. I have a brumby mare. They are definitely better than most domesticated horses. They are easier to keep and are actually very quiet. They arn’t pests. You really wouldn’t know what they are untill you’ve interacted with one.

    • Well in Australia in earlier periods they were considered pests because they stole food from cattle and domesticated horses. I do understand that someone who owns a Brumby would be more knowledgeable about them then someone who doesn’t.

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