I want what YOU want…….

I want to hear from YOU what you’d like me to do in my next post.

8 thoughts on “I want what YOU want…….

  1. Photo’s rock but I love your stories too. I love horses. Here is a poem I wrote:© 2011


    There is beauty in his native world.
    Where broad-winged eagles fly.
    The fences that encircle him
    Are mountains, streams and sky.
    There is beauty I n his regal stance
    And In his gentle face.
    And in the swiftness
    Such power, pose and grace.
    There is beauty in his noble heart.
    For it will always be.
    A part of all that untamed realm.
    So open, wild, and free.

    A Horse Needs His Freedom

    The graceful arc of his neck,
    His muscles all straining,
    The wind at his back,
    While it’s pouring down raining.
    The lose of his mate,
    Those humans he hates,
    For they caught her with a string.
    He had seen it before,
    Much to his dismay,
    He knew it was in store,
    For his pretty blood bay.
    The saddle and harsh bit,
    The large men breaking her in,
    Jostling about on her back where they sat,
    To him it was a sad, cruel sin.
    Her spirit would be broken,
    She would lose all her fight ,
    Nothing to hope in,
    No freedom in sight.
    A neigh was heard in the distance,
    His answer conveyed dignity,
    He resumed a proud stance,
    For on the horizon it was she, Free!

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