Shergar – the horse of a century!

Shergar was an Irish bred thoroughbred with one of the greatest racing careers in history.  He passed all the horses in every race, with ease.  He won the Epsom Derby by 10 lengths, the largest length ever achieved in the history of the race.  Shergar was named European Horse of the Year in 1981 and was retired from racing in September.

Then, on February 8, 1983, he was stolen by masked gunman from the stud farm in Country Kildare, Ireland.  No-one knows what happened to him.  The body was never found.

Shergar was a bay horse with a distinctive white blaze

6 thoughts on “Shergar – the horse of a century!

  1. There was a movie made in 1999 called Shergar. Check it out at this link.
    Shergar, the movie is based on the true story of a champion race horse, abducted by IRA terrorists.

    The film is pretty good but may deviate from the true story a little as an orphaned boy saves him in the movie. The true story is that nobody ever found the horse or discovered what really happened to him. It is believed that the abduction went wrong somehow and the kidnappers had to destroy him. 😦

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