Horse Diaries #6 Yatimah

Horse Diaries #6: Yatimah

Yatimah, whose name means ‘orphan’ in Arabic is about an Arabian filly living with an Arab tribe that travels from oasis to oasis to be able to survive.  When Yatimah’s mother, Sarab dies giving birth to her, the chieftain won’t even look at Yatimah.  Sarab was his favourite war mare.  (NOTE: In Arabia, mares instead of stallions were used for raids because the stallions would whinny to the other horses, but the mares wouldn’t.  Because of this, mares were much more prized then stallions.)  Yatimah becomes used to the herd and learns about raids when her foster brother Tamil is kidnapped by another tribe.  Will the sheik finally notice Yatimah’s great potential as a war mare?  Or because of his bitterness will Yatimah be forced to stay a breeding mare?  Read this exciting book to find out.

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