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I’m back again, and What Breed is it?

So, after a least a week I’m back again to my fellow readers and bloggers.  Bad Internet connection, friends coming over to visit, and lots of (physical) hard work left me no time for blogging.  But now I’m back and hoping to get into a healthy blogging routine again.  Well, it’s a day late but here’s the newest What Breed is it? challenge.  Enjoy!

Click the pic to find out what breed it is!

Now for our new challenge.  Comment with your ideas.


What Breed is it?

Click the pic to see what breed it is!

Now for our new challenge.  Comment with your ideas.

Hi Again!

Hi!  I’ve been away for a few days – hope you haven’t missed me too much.  I wasn’t just messing around though.  I’ve been busy making a Facebook page for this blog and making a whole new blog!  This blog is NOT created with WordPress, but Blogger.  I really like Blogger, but WordPress has its good qualities too.  BTW, I just picked up  my own copy of WordPress All-In-One for Dummies.

 Cover Image

 This is a great book!  Happy Blogging!

I’ve found out something…

All of you know that my fav breed is the Arabian.

However, today it just struck me that all different breeds of horses are great.  Some breeds are big, some are small, but they are all wonderful.  For instance, the Clydesdale is nothing like my favourite – the Arabian.  However,  the Clydesdale has strength, power and it’s own style of beauty.  Or what about the Fallebella (smallest horse in the world)?  They have their own petite and dainty beauty.  Ever breed (and every horse) is unique.  I wouldn’t like it if all horses were a stereotype of the Arabian.  Or of the Quarter Horse.  Or the Shire.  All the different breeds are used to make up the wonderful world of horsedom.

If I sound like I’m rambling, it’s because I am.  (I’m tired and I have a headache)