Introducing My Breyer Horses

All my Breyer horse are Stablemates.  They are small, but not too small to be able to play with them comfortably.  My grandparents gave them to me a few years ago, and I’ve kept them in perfect condition ever since.  (My horse-loving cousin gave me the one with the bridle on.)



Sorry if some of the pics are bad.  Essentially, these are the things I have – A red stable, a paddock, water barrel, three racing barrels, and jump fence, a Mustang, two Pinto horses, two draft horses, and two golden-colored horses.


Introducing……Breyer Horses!

Breyer horses are incredibly detailed toy horses.  They are so beautiful, that many people collect them like they collect rocks or stamps.   Even though Breyer horses are a bit pricey, that is understandable, since the models are gorgeous and high quality. 

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Be on the lookout for another post about MY Breyer Horses!