A Poll


A Poll










Lots of Polls!

The reason I am putting up all these polls is because something BIG is brewing.  So please vote.  I really need the votes!

Fav Horse Movie

What’s yours?  Mine’s The Young Black Stallion.

New Look

As some of you may have noticed, my blog is looking entirely different.  That is because I was experimenting and found a style I liked even better! 

Some things have changed for the better – hover you mouse on the tab ‘Horse Stories’ and then on the tab about Peaceful.  You will notice that a whole dropdown menu comes up for all the different parts.  When I write more parts to Knabstrup, the Circus Horse, it will be the same thing.

The header has also changed.  I thought it was too nice a pic to pass up. 🙂  The background color has also changed subtley.

If any of you experienced technical difficulties I apoligize.  Thanks for bearing with me.


The new header image



I want what YOU want…….

I want to hear from YOU what you’d like me to do in my next post.

Questions, Questions, Questions!


My dream horse!!!!!



Here is a poll –  I think you all know what my answer would be. 😉

P.S. I got the pic of the Arabian mare from –