Knabstup the Circus Horse Part 2

Knabstup neighed loudly to attract attention.  It seemed as though no one would hear him.  All of a sudden lights started flashing about and loud voices were heard!  The thief dropped the crowbar and ran off into the night 

Now men were coming nearer to Knabstrup’s stall among them Mr. White, the owner of the circus.

“What’s all the commotion about?” he asked.

“Knabstup here was neighing really loudly,” the man replied, “and look here’s a crowbar on the ground!”  “Somebody must have been trying to steal him!”

Instantly the circus was in an uproar.  The police, who had been called, were searching the circus grounds for a clue to the thiefs whereabouts.  However, they could find nothing and so after a couple of hours of looking around they left to head back home.  Meanwhile, gaurds had been put around Knabstrup’s stable and the lock had been tightened.

The next morning the circus was on the move again and gradually the incident was forgotten.  Then one day as Knabstrup was performing as usual he turned around and the man in the grandstands in front of him took out a pistol and shot it and then ran away.

The people in the big tent panicked and all of them stampeded for the door.  The circus people were trying to calm the crowds down but it was no use.


Comment on this to find out what happened to Knabstrup.






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