The story of Peaceful

This is not one of my stories, my cousin Em wrote it.  However, it is ok if I post it.  You can also read the story at her blog –


Chapter 1. Peaceful…..The Proud 

It was a warm afternoon for Peaceful.  She nickered in the sun light and bounced around playfully.  She was just born at that time.  Her mother was just over on the other side of the bushes.  Peaceful was happy, she was proud to be a daughter of the of the herd leader.    She whinnied she thought that this would be the PERFECT day for her.  She stopped her play to listen to a strange noise coming from the woods.  She stared straight into the darkness of the woods.  “What’s that??” She thought. She looked at her mother once more then turned toward the woods, and took 6 steps toward it.




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