Peaceful the foal Part 2

Chapter 2. Peaceful…..The Curious

Peaceful quickly stepped back.  But she was wondering, “What is that?”  She crept towards the woods not even glimpsing at her mother or father.  When she reached the woods she saw the figure tall with white eyes standing on two legs. “A bear? No, to short. Should I go for help? No I can prove I’m brave.”  She quickly ran to the side trying to run behind the odd looking figure. She felt something grab her, She was shoved into a monster that had a big mouth on it it was all white. She kicked and stomped hoping the enemy would give up. Nope it wouldn’t. Peaceful was trying to call for her mother and father. She at last gave up.
The figure shut the mouth of the monster, she called out again for her parents. Luckily, her parents heard her.  Finally, Peaceful’s father came running as lighting. She was saved at last! But, man was she in trouble! Her father came running into the darkness of the woods.   The tall figure took out some sort of stick and hit her father. He fell down dead.  She looked at his body and began to cry. She laid her head down. The large monster jolted. She didn’t care, all she cared was that her father..was….dead… She decided there was no hope for her. She closed her eyes and thought, “this is all my fault, now father is dead and it’s all my fault.”

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