Peaceful the foal Part 3

“Chapter 3. Peacful…..*And Emilie Too!*

“Who is it?” Emilie said with anger but sadness flaring in her eyes.  “Em, you need to come out and eat.”  Emilie crossed her arms. “OK I’m coming out” Trying not to sound so upset.   “What are you doing Em?”  “I’m on my laptop.”  “Shut it down for now, come eat.”  “OK I’m coming.”  Emilie shut down her laptop. just the other day she found out one of her friends got a pony. She shut down the laptop spun around in her chair, then walked out of the room. Emilie walked up to the tale everyone was there except her. She sat down then scooped some leftover macaroni onto her plate. Emilie sighed.  “Emilie don’t have a bad attitude.”  “I’m not mom.”  “Just checking. Pass the salt please when you’re done.”  “Here.” Emilie said as she shoved the salt down the table to her Mom. Emilie quickly ate the rest of her disgusting meal. Then she was just about to go back to her room when her mom called her back.  “Come here and help clean up.”  “Yes, Mom.”  Emilie helped clean up then quickly ran downstairs to her room. She opened her laptop up again then went on  “msn”. Her friend was online. Great. She counted in her mind. “3,2,1″ Pop.
“I just went out and rode Moondancer!!! SHE IS SO PRETTY!!!!”
“are you?…..”
“NO NO NO!!!!! I would never be!” (which was a lie).
“OK good because once I heard two friends got into a fight and they where never friends again don’t want that to happen to us!”
“I’m looking online for horses”
“For you”
“thanks but no thanks”
“I know that’s because my dad is a farmer”
“anyways gtg have a great day!”
Emilie swung her chair around. It wasn’t feeling like a great day. She let out a large breath.  “I just wish I had a horse.”

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