Peaceful the foal Part 4

Chapter 4. Peaceful…..The Stubborn
Peaceful struggled to get out of the truck. She kept tripping on rope.  Finally Peaceful got out. She was brought into another smelly pen. She couldn’t stand the smell! People came up to her and were staring at her and laughing.  Peaceful was starting to get angry. She kicked and kicked then the woman and children ran away in terror while some of men tried to pin her down. But she was too fast for them!  Peaceful quickly ran towards the woods then ran into as tree by accident. Everything blacked out. When Peaceful woke up she found her self in a larger and more hard-to-escape room. Same as before people were laughing at her. Peaceful remembered when she hit her head and the pain came back and her head was throbbing with pain.She laid down and tried to ignore the laughing. Soon she was fast asleep. Peaceful woke up and started to stretch when she felt a rope going around her neck she kicked but she couldn’t get it off.  Finally she saw the mean ol’ man who had taken her from her true home, and killed her father. Peaceful was led out of the stinky room and into a nicer looking trailer. She hated to go into another trailer, but she had to. She peeked out from the trailer and spotted a nice looking man handing the mean man a green pile of paper. “Here is 10,000 dollars.” the man in a red shirt said. The mean man took the money and counted it, he walked away. The nice man in the red shirt walked up to the front of the trailer. It started to move. Where am I going now? Peaceful thought.

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