Peaceful the foal Part 5

Chapter 5. Peaceful…..The Happy
Peaceful was tired she couldn’t stand to be in that trailer any longer! But she must stay still. She didn’t want any thing or anyone to harm her. After awhile the trailer jolted which made her fall down. She got back up and looked out from the little windows. The trailer came around a corner and jolted again. Peaceful didn’t want to miss a single thing, so she quickly jumped up again. The trailer stopped at a blue, friendly, looking house. Peaceful saw that there was a blue little house too. She was very confused then she saw a large open area in the back. She was getting excited. The man in the red shirt pulled her out into the “little” house. The man’s name was Jeramy. Jeramy was a nice old man. He smiled than gave me sweet-smelling oats. I ate them greedily. He hooked on a pail of cold water too. Jeramy disappeard into his house.


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