Peaceful the foal Part 6

Chapter 6. Peaceful…..Emilie Again?!

“Hi dad, Where did you go?”

“Oh just somewhere Emilie, just somewhere. C’mon I have to show you something outside.”

“Why not tomorrow?”
“When ever your in a good mood or just find out yourself.” Jeremy chuckled. “When ever your ready. Well I have to go to work in the fields now. By the way, have you seen your brother yet? He is supposed to help me today. It’s his day to help me.”

“Yes father he is in his room.” Emilie’s dad chuckled and patted Emilie’s head.

Emilie skipped to her room, and looked through her window and saw that the barn door was open. That’s odd father would take Lousia out then shut the barn door. Unless….

Emilie’s face brightened up. “Really?! Oh I must go see now!”

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