Starlight Saga – The Furious One

Starlight lay down in his stall, tired from a long day.  The girl had galloped him, lunged him, and jumped him all day long.  She had said something about “beating Connie!”  He didn’t understand anything about it, and didn’t understand why Connie had anything to do with all the hard work he’d been doing.  Truth be told, he didn’t mind the exercising that much, but he was tired of always being under the control of the girl even though he liked her a lot.

His mind wandered back to the sweeping prairies of Nebraska.  There, no human could tame him and the wind ran through his long mane with gentler fingers then the girl’s.  There he could run as much as he wanted.  He suddenly felt an uncontrolable urge to run wild and free again.  He rose up on his powerful hind legs, and crashed his front ones into the stall door.  The oaken door stood firm.  Neighing in fury, he crashed down again.  Suddenly lights flashed on in the house, and the girl ran out of the house.  When she was near him, he quieted down, but he still felt furious. 

“It’s ok boy,” Pam murmured, “It’s alright”

As she walked back to the house, Pam felt some anxiety.  As of late, Starlight had become more restless and wild.  At first she had just dismissed it as something that would pass, but it hadn’t.  Could Starlight be yearning for freedom?

CH Michael Kariim

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