Starlight Saga – The Gentle One

Pam slipped off Starlight, and walked to the house.  The large, sprawling farmhouse fit right into the landscape all around it.  Tired from her long ride, she slowly walked up the long winding stairs to her room, and slouched on the bed.  Her thoughts traveled to different things as she lay down.

Starlight seemed very eager to run this morning.  I suppose it’s because I haven’t ridden him as regularly these past few days.  I’ve been so busy with all the work ’round the farm.  He’s so fast and I know he could beat Connie’s horse.  Connie was a girl who had just moved into the valley.  Connie thought she and her horse, a chestnut thoroughbred, were the best in the valley.  She turned up her nose at Starlight because no-one knew his breeding.  Pam, to put it lightly did not like Connie.  I wonder why she hasn’t challenged him before.  Maybe because she’s frightened of losing to a ‘poorly bred horse.’  Oh well, I won’t be asking her for a race and I don’t think she will.  I’ll just have to put up with her.

Pam’s father had died years before in a plane crash.  She lived with her mother, and together they ran the small farm.  Though it was hard at times, they always managed.  She had a special kind of gentleness with all animals, especially horses, and always knew what they wanted.  Pam had found her dream horse in Starlight.  She couldn’t bear to lose him.


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