Starlight Saga – The Free One

The day of the race dawned clear and bright.  Pam slipped into her clothes, pushing last night’s incident from her mind.  She ran to Starlight’s stall and saddled him quickly.  He seemed very restless and kept pawing the ground.  Pam leaped on him, and pointed his head towards the town.  Already, she could hear the faint fair sounds.  Starlight became increasingly agitated and even angry.  Pam’s mother rode beside her in the wagon. 

Pam suddenly slipped off of Starlight’s back, and held the reins.  She thought about Connie’s challenge and what would happen if she gave up.  Then she thought about Starlight’s restlessness and obvious unhappiness.  Her mind was made up.  Stopping only to take the bridle and saddle off, she gave Starlight his freedom.  He loped for a short way, took one look back, and galloped off.  Pam watched him, until she could no longer see him.  Then she and her mother turned and went back to the house.

Starlight galloped wild and free through the valleys and mountains.  At last he was home.

……Legend has it, that a lone black stallion has stolen mares from the ranches all around Wyoming.  He only takes the finest for himself, leaving the worst ones for the ranchers.  He is almost never seen.  He has the stealth and cunning of a panther.  They have yet to find his hideaway.  And now our story ends.


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