Prince – Part 2

Susan finished cleaning and airing out the side stall just in time to see a short, red horse van drive up.  “It’s here!” she thought happily and went out to greet the newcomer.

Susan stopped short.  Was that the horse?!  A extremely thin and poor-looking horse was walking out of the van.  But it wasn’t it’s skinniness that surprised Susan.  It was the horse’s appearance.  The mane and tail were matted and dirty, it was impossible to tell if the horse was a pinto or just mud brown under all the dirt.  And worst of all, the horse had no life in its eyes.  They sad and tired looking.

“This horse is pretty bad-looking,” Mrs. Smith was talking.  “But if anyone can pull him through, you can Mr. Hardy.”

“Well Mrs. Smith, we’ll do our best.”  “Do you want to keep the horse once we’re finished with him?” Burt asked. 

“Do you think he’ll be any good as a saddle horse?” Mrs. Smith queried.

“I think there’s a fine horse under all this dirt, and I’m determined to get that horse out.  Just leave it to us.”

” ‘Us’, what do you mean ‘us’?  I thought it was a one man operation here.” said Mrs. Smith.

“No, I do the actual training and that, but my daughter brushes and talks to the horse, winning his trust you know, and my wife is kind of the treasurer of these stables.”

“Well, I’ll go now. I can see he’s in good hands.” Mrs. Smith got into her car and drove away.

“So, Dad, what’s your prescription for this one?” Susan eagerly asked.

“I’d say, plenty of rest, some light excercise, a through cleaning, and plenty of oats and hay should bring him around in no time.” Burt ticked off each thing on his fingers as he said them.

Well, we have our work cut out for us, Susan thought as she helped lead the horse into the barn.


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