Book 2 – Sarah

“But why can’t we keep Lady anymore Dad?” the little girl said.  “She’s too big to take all the way back to Michigan with us,” her dad responded.  Then, taking the horse out of the trailer, he put her over on the side of the road and the family drove away.  That was the last they ever would see of the beautiful horse.


The evening shadows were deepening on the outer field as Susan pushed the last load of hay out to the hungry herd.  Coming back to the house, the phone rang urgently but both Laura and Burt were both down at the stables.  Dashing into the house, she picked up the telephone.


“Hello, Susan.”  Susan recognized the voice of Sheriff Barclay.  “I have a case for your family to take.”

“Great!  What’s it like?” Susan asked happily.

“A chestnut Quarter Horse.  A mare.  I think she was abandoned by some family.”

“Why would someone do a cruel thing like that?!”  Just the thought of such a thing made Susan angry.

“I don’t know Susan, but tell your dad, I’ll be there tomorrow with the horse.  Don’t worry, she won’t be as hard to save as some of the others you’ve taken on.  Goodbye.”  The Sheriff put down the phone.

“Hey, dad and mom!” Susan called as she saw them coming, “we have a new horse!”  


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