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Horse Trivia and Quizzes 2

Here are some more horse trivia AND  another quiz.


1. Horses can learn many tricks.

2. Horses are fiercely protective of their babies.

3. Horses coat patterns sometimes have strange names such as – blue corn, purple roan, leopord.

4. Man O’ War, a famous racehorse only lost ONE  race in his career.

5. Horses can not see directly in front of them.


Quiz 2

1. The object on a horse’s back which is used for riding is called –

a) bridle  |  b) saddle  |  c) martingale  |  d) jodphur

2. A horse can form a stronge bond with humans –

a) TRUE  |  b) FALSE

3. When a horse is threatened, it will –

a) fight  |  b) run  |  c) become motionless instantly

4. In the horse’s stable, what would you NOT expect to see –

a) hay  |  b) water  |  c) a bridle  |  d) anteseptic

5. Horses eat constantly during the day –

a) TRUE  |  b) FALSE


Have fun solving!



Horse Trivia and Quizzes

Horses are incredible creatures and here are some facts and quizzes about them.


1: Horses are omnivoures which means they eat only grains and grasses.

2: Female horses are called MARES and male horses are called STALLIONS.  Baby horses are called FOALS.

3: Horses are herd animals which means they like being together.

4: Horses can sense emotions in people.

5: Horses are one of the most useful animals to man.


Quiz 1 

1) Horses have four gaits.  Which one of these is NOT one of the gaits?

a) trot  |  b) canter  |  c) jump  |  d) walk


2) Horses have many coat patterns.

a) TRUE  |  b) FALSE


3)  Horses are –

a) social creatures  |  b) ugly  |  c) distrustful  |  d) stupid


4) Horses can do many things.  What is NOT one of the things that horses can do?

a) jump  |  b) talk  |  c) run very fast


5) Horses are able to sit down with very great ease.

a) TRUE  |  b) FALSE


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