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Fav Horse Movie

What’s yours?  Mine’s The Young Black Stallion.


The Black Stallion Returns

I went to a used bookstore yesterday, and found this book on the shelves, and took it home.


The story begins when a mysterious stranger tries to inject the Black with poison.  The very next day, Sheik Abu Ja Ben Ishak shows up, claiming the Black as his own.  When he leaves for Arabia with the Black, Alec decides to follow him with Henry.  Will Alec ever see the Black again? 


The Young Black Stallion Movie

The Young Black Stallion is an exciting movie produced by Disney.  Here is a pic of the cover.


This is the plot: 

The Young Black Stallion follows the adventures of Shetan, a young black colt. After a band of robbers separates an Arabian girl named Neera  from her father, she finds herself alone in the desert. Before long, a mysterious black colt comes to her rescue. The two quickly form a special bond, and the horse returns Neera to her grandfather. Once Neera is back home, the stallion disappears.

Neera greets her grandfather Ben Ishak  and her cousin Aden  eagerly, but is disappointed and upset when she find out that her grandfather’s horse breeding days are over. Ben Ishak informs Neera that because of the shootings in the desert, his fields are ruined, and he can no longer afford to keep any of his horses. He kept an old plow-horse, Abha, and set his most precious mare Jinah free. We find out later that Jinah was Shetan’s mother.

A year passes, but the black stallion does not return. Neera’s grandfather tells her that the horse was probably nothing more than a product of her imagination. But Neera knows better. She thinks the stallion is the lost horse of the desert, a legend born of the sands and sired by the night sky. Then, one night, the colt appears again. In an attempt to help her grandfather start a breeding farm again, Neera joins a grueling cross-country race against the finest horses of Arabia for a purse of the most exceptional Arabian mares. Shetan, the black stallion, is trained, and Neera rides him in the competition to restore her grandfather’s money and respect. In the end, Neera wins, and Shetan is reunited with his mother.  (From WikipediaThey have also added a 13 minute prequel at the beginning which is very nice.

I really like The Young Black Stallion because it has beautiful scenery and gorgeous horses.  If you like horses, especially Arabian horses, you will love this movie.  The downside of it is that it bears little resemblance to the original book – The Young Black Stallion and the girl who plays Neera sometimes overacts.  It is a very nice movie to watch though.  I wouldn’t buy it because we can borrow it from the library, but if you have a few dollars to spend on a nice horse movie, this would be the one to get.

Some photos from the movie

Neera and the ‘Black’

The race