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And the winner is……

Barbara!  Congratulations!!!  Thanks for entering, and I hope you have fun with your prize.


The Black Beauty Story (via Horses and History Throughout the Ages)

This is a really interesting post I found on the web. Check it out!

The Black Beauty Story When Queen Victoria came to the throne in England in 1837, industrialization was taking hold and more and more young men and women left their farms to make a living working in factories and manufacturing companies. Cotton factories allowed Britain to produce more than half the world’s supply of cotton and coal mining around Newcastle … Read More

via Horses and History Throughout the Ages

Shergar – the horse of a century!

Shergar was an Irish bred thoroughbred with one of the greatest racing careers in history.  He passed all the horses in every race, with ease.  He won the Epsom Derby by 10 lengths, the largest length ever achieved in the history of the race.  Shergar was named European Horse of the Year in 1981 and was retired from racing in September.

Then, on February 8, 1983, he was stolen by masked gunman from the stud farm in Country Kildare, Ireland.  No-one knows what happened to him.  The body was never found.

Shergar was a bay horse with a distinctive white blaze

Queen Victoria and Horses

From what little information I could gather, it seemed that Queen Victoria liked horses.  Queen Victoria loved all animals, but was very fond of horses, mules, etc.  I thought since today was Victoria Day (for the Canadians) I might share that fact with you.

Queen Victoria


Queen Victoria and her horse