Peaceful the foal Part 7

Chapter 7. Peaceful…..And Who is She?

Emilie grabbed her light sweater because it was a warm day then ran all the way to the barn with excitment in her eyes. “Could it be?! Could father really have bought a new horse?!” Emilie said on her way to the barn. When she got there Emilie jumped up on the fence and climbed over it. There Peaceful stood looking straight at her. Peaceful reared up and stared to run around the barn. Emilie rembered she brought an apple from the house and held out the big juicy apple. Peaceful slowly calmed down and happily trotted where Emilie was. “No need to be afraid silly.” Emilie rubbed behind Peaceful’s ear. Peaceful nickered happy to have a good apple just like back home!…….Home……..Home free…….where mother lives………….Peaceful slowly backed away from Emilie, and layed down in a spot near the barn door for shade. She missed her mother. “You look depressed.”

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