Starlight Saga – The Wild One

Pam had gone to her uncle’s horse ranch in Nebraska.  He had just captured a large herd of wild horses.  When asked to take her pick, she instantly pointed out the herd stallion.  All her uncle did was shake his head and then ordered his men to single the horse out from the herd.  Slowly, as the weeks went by, Pam earned the stallion’s confidence and trust.  A special bond grew between them, and they were sent home together.  To her family’s 10 acre farm in Wyoming.  And now our story begins…

Pam walked out of the house.  Breathing in the morning air deeply, she gazed around her.  Uttering a strange whistle, neither low nor high but somewhere in between, she waited eagerly for one thing.  There it was!  A magnificent stallion stood silhouetted in the early morning light.  Then it wheeled around and galloped straight towards her.

“Easy, boy,” she called as he came right up to her, pawing the ground impatiently.  He knew what was coming.  With a quick but firm hand, she placed the saddle on his back, and lightly hopped on.  Instantly he was off, like a bullet shot out of a gun.  He was running like he loved to – wild and free.

This horse was a coal-black stallion.  With his slightly dished face, eyes set wide apart, and a beautiful ‘floating’ tail that bespoke of his Arabian ancestors, he was everything one could want in a horse.  The girl called him ‘Starlight’ because of the large white star on his forehead.  His tough hooves, strong muscles, and sturdy legs, traced back to his wild existence.  Even though she had tamed him, he still felt the tall mountains and deserts calling him.  He could not forget his past.

Al Azim


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