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Question Monday (Tuesday)

Click the pic to see what breed it is!

Now for our new challenge.  Comment with your ideas.

Sorry the pic is a bit blurry.


Two Bits and Pepper

Two Bits and Pepper is a movie about two girls, Taylor and Katie, and their respective ponies, Two Bits and Pepper.  When Katie disobeys her parents and gets found out, she runs away to Taylor’s house.  There, two kidnappers (who are wanted by the FBI) try to get them.  A candle is dropped and the house bursts into flames.  The girls escape.  Two Bits and Pepper search for the girls.  They keep running, the men are getting closer, and the police and their parents (who are worried about them) are searching for them.  Will they escape?  Will TB and Pepper save the day?  Watch this exciting movie to find out.


My 100th Post!!!

Yes!!!  My 100th post!!!  As I look back on all the posts, subscribers, and comments I have gathered, it just seems amazing!  In case any of you are interested, here a some stats:

  • Posts – 100
  • Comments – 243
  • Subscribers – 16
  • Spam comments blocked – 189
  • Categories – 15
  • Tags – 115
  • Highest number of hits in one day – 141

Of course, these stats will be constantly changing but they are valid to this day.  All in all, it’s been a most satisfying 100 posts.  Now to hand out the awards – they are as follows: Best Story, Best Poem, and the Best Post.


I’d love it if you would comment and tell what YOUR favourite posts, poems, etc. are.  I want to hear from you.  While your at it, join the horse club, give me some feedback, and check out my links page.

The BIG excitement of this post though is the special giveaway!  This time I’m giving away a beautiful glossy paged book with cute pictures of ponies in it.  The book is small and compact and practically brand-new.  Enter by commenting.  The contest ends September 3, 2011.  This means you can no longer enter.  Congrats to Jennifer who won the giveaway!

Lots of Polls!

The reason I am putting up all these polls is because something BIG is brewing.  So please vote.  I really need the votes!

Horse Diaries 3 Koda

I really enjoyed reading this book, although my favourite one is still Yatimah.  The story is about a Quarter Horse colt who is growing up in a herd.  He has many new experiences as he learns to deal with cougars, porcupines, snakes and other such things.  When a girl name Jasmine and her father decide to take Koda and his mother, Rosie out west on the Oregon trail, Koda is excited by the thought of this adventure.  But traveling on such hot dusty trails is not always enjoyable and can sometimes be dangerous.  When Jasmine goes missing, will Koda be able to find her in time?  Read book three in the Horse Diaries Series to find out.