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Hi everyone!

This is Dakino and I am a co-author of this awesome blog…and I found some time to finally write a post here.

So recently while doing some research for my page on gaits, I found an awesome picture about Tölt and it’s connection with other gaits:

If you look at it closer (not literally) you’ll see that the outside ring is more common gaits (except for pace).  You go in one more circle and it’s the Tölt between each gait.  The center is the Icelandic gait, the Tölt.

In case you didn’t know what a Tölt was, it’s an ambling gait of a horse found in Icelandic horses.  The foot-falls are the same as in the walk, but it is performed in different speeds, including the speed of a  canter/lope!

To learn a little more about the Tölt:

So that was just a picture with just a little description.

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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!  This blog is totally about horses and here is a table of contents of the contents:  (Oh, if you’re wondering where the rest of my blog is, just scroll down to find it.)

I hope that this post helps you get around my blog.  Have a great day!

A Bit Of Praise

If you are looking for a frequently updated, full of stories blog, here you go:

This blog has stories, poems, and lots of pictures and giveaways to entertain the readers.  Please click the link above to get to the blog.  I recommend this blog! (P.S. I have a lot of blogs to recommend, this is just the first one I am doing because it is one of the first blogs that I have visited and kept reading over and over again.

To return the favour, here’s the link to the blog that recommended me – HorseCrazy.