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Rescue Horse Taken on for Police Has a Foal

Sergeant John Hargraves, from the Parks Bureau of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, is a 30-year veteran with the Sheriff’s Department and has always had a love for horses.

When his horse became the age to retire, he started looking for another one to replace it.  The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control Equine Response Team, had rescued several starved and abused horses, so he went searching there.  He found a Thoroughbred mare, and a Palomino gelding.  He named them Ladybug and Dude.


Ladybug responded correctly to cues to walk, trot, back, and turn on her front and hind legs. She was a former racehorse and was found starving on a ranch.


Dude, a Palomino, also responded well to cues and seemed eager to please. He was an abandoned animal, starved, and had got stuck under a fence.

Early in June, he found Ladybug laying down in her stall with a newborn filly.  The filly has a diamond on its head.  Though it’s premature, it’s doing well.