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The Noble Andalusian



A group of Andalusian mares; interestingly called a ‘cobra’
A purebred Andalusian


In my latest post, I gave you some info about the Lippizan horse.  Now you will be able to meet one of its close relatives.


The Andalusian horse was first bred in the Iberian peninsula and has lived there for centuries as did its ancestors.

This horse first received attention through it’s ability as a war horse.  It was very brave in battle, and did not run away frightened as other horses might have done.  It was also much prized as a horse that one should be seen on, if you were important or had any rank.  During the 19th century the breed was almost destroyed by warfare, disease, and cross-breeding.  This continued into even the early 20th century, but by the late 1900’s, people once again realized the worth of this noble Spanish breed.  To this day, there are of 75,000 purebred, registered Andalusians.

The Andalusians are compact and strong with luxuriant manes and tails.  The most common coat color is grey, although most solid colors are accepted.

The Andalusian has many uses, among them modern bullfighting, classical dressage, riding, and show jumping.