Starlight Saga – The Challenged One

Pam hopped onto Starlight’s back.  Whistling, she rode him down the road and into the small town of Briarsford.  Coming back from the grocery store, she noticed Connie riding down the street also.  The two horses almost collided into each other.  Connie’s eyes coolly swept over Starlight and rested on Pam.  She glared at Pam disdainfully.  Pam’s anger rose.  What right had Connie to make fun of Starlight?  Her own chestnut horse was about four inches shorter and not as fast. 

“I see you’ve brought your cow pony into town,” Connie’s sneering voice broke the silence, “I wouldn’t be seen with him.  My horse is better then yours any day.”

“It isn’t faster!” Pam hotly said.

“We’ll see about that!” Connie retorted.

The two girls lined up their horses at the end of the dusty road.  “Go!” shouted Pam and spurted ahead.  Connie’s horse taken by surprise, did not react as fast, and was left behind for a split second.  But by the time Connie got her horse galloping toward the end of the road, Starlight had already reached there and was galloping back.

“It wasn’t fair!” said Connie, “My horse didn’t have a fair chance!”  “The County fair is coming up in two weeks.  I’ll be in the horse race there.  You can race me then if you dare.  Although it’s no use, I’ll win anyway!”

“Alright!” Pam flung back at her.  “I’ll be there and I’ll win too!”

“We’ll see,” was all that Connie said and then she galloped past Pam.

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