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Horse Diaries 3 Koda

I really enjoyed reading this book, although my favourite one is still Yatimah.  The story is about a Quarter Horse colt who is growing up in a herd.  He has many new experiences as he learns to deal with cougars, porcupines, snakes and other such things.  When a girl name Jasmine and her father decide to take Koda and his mother, Rosie out west on the Oregon trail, Koda is excited by the thought of this adventure.  But traveling on such hot dusty trails is not always enjoyable and can sometimes be dangerous.  When Jasmine goes missing, will Koda be able to find her in time?  Read book three in the Horse Diaries Series to find out.


I went to Chapters…Again!

I liked those two Horse Diaries, Yatimah and Bell’s Star, that I decided to go back to Chapters and get another one.  I got number three in the series (Yatimah was number six and Bell’s Star was number two), Koda.  It’s about an American Quarter Horse who goes to Oregon.  I’m reading it right now, but I’ll put up a book review A.S.A.P.