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The Muscular Morgan

The Morgan horse is smaller then most horses, but very sturdy and hardy.  It’s origins are something of a mystery.

The Morgan horse breed was first discovered, when the music teacher, Justin Morgan, traveled to West Springfield, Massachusetts.  The reason for the journey was that a man in this part of the country owed Justin money, of which Justin needed badly.  When he arrived at the man’s house, he discovered that the farmer couldn’t pay him any money.  Instead, he gave him two colts.  One of these he called Figure and that horse became his special pet.  It was soon discovered that figure could outrun, outwork, and outpull any horse in Vermont.  Men began bringing their mares to Justin to breed with Figure.  When Justin Morgan died, his last name was passed onto Figure.  Figure became the breed’s founding stallion.  Nobody knows of what ancestry Figure was.  Some say he had Quarter horse and thoroughbred in him, while others said he was half mustang.  No matter what the Morgan horses’ breeding is, it is an all-around workhorse and a great horse to take for long rides.

Today, the Morgan horse is used  for showing, is qualified for the Olympics, and is skilled in many different types of competition.