The Golden Wings

My cousin and I wrote this story together.


Once upon a time there was a purple horse. She had golden wings and flew most of the time in the clouds.  One day her wings fell off!  Since they fell off,  she had to get used to her feet.  But every time she tried, she fell over.  All the other horses use to admire her wings, now they just laughed at her.  She was heartbroken.  But then a gentle girl came to the horse’s cave.  She fed Lily (the purple horse) a magical carrot which made little wings grow on her feet!  All the other horses were jealous, Soon they ALL wanted the same!  But since they were mean to her she just flew away and they never saw her again.  The next morning the little girl was anxious to find her favorite horse, but when she found out Lily was gone the little girl cried.  Where are you?” she called. Lily heard her and came back. Miriam was so happy that she fed Lily a magic apple which made her talk.(Miriam was a good fairy)  “I’m so glad I found you!” said Miriam.  “I’m so sorry I left you!” cried Lily, the purple horse and they both lived happily ever after.

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