Book 1 – Prince

Mrs. Smith walked into the barn adjoining her newly bought house.  The man had said something about a horse, but not much.  He had driven away so quickly she had hardly seen him at all.  Still, the house was in good shape, as was the barn.  She stepped inside.  “Oh no!”  She gazed at it.  In the stall was a horse.


“Susan, wake up.”

“Why, Mom?” Susan sleepily said.’

“Your dad just received a call from Mrs. Smith, you know, that lady that moved in a week ago.  Anyway, she called to say she had a case for Horseshoe Stables.  Dad will tell you about it at breakfast.”

Susan quickly pulled on her clothes and raced downstairs.  Her dad was frying up some eggs and bacon on the hot stove. 

“What’s the news, dad?” she eagerly asked.  “Another job for us?”

“Yes,” Burt answered, “and it looks like a pretty bad one from the way Mrs. Smith described to me.”  “She said it was the worst case of neglect I would ever see.  It seems that the former owner of the house just bought the horse on a whim and then did practically nothing for it all these years.  Who knows what would have happened if she hadn’t bought the place!”

“When will the horse be brought over?” questioned Laura.

“Sometime this morning.  Which reminds me Susan.  After breakfast, go out and see that the side stall is clean and fresh and ready for our new visitor,” Susan’s dad said.

“Sure thing Dad!” Susan happily responded. 

As Susan walked to the barn, she wondered what the new horse would be like.


11 thoughts on “Book 1 – Prince

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  3. Not major mistakes. For example, the following line has an unnecessary word of “some.”

    Her dad was frying up some eggs and bacon on the hot stove.

    It would be better as:

    Her dad was frying up eggs and bacon on the hot stove.

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