Knabstrup, the Circus Horse

This is a story I have been working on. I really like it.


Knabstrup, the pinto circus horse, sniffed the air.  He smelled peanuts, sawdust, and the other animals that were performing this afternoon.  Because Knabstrup was such a valuable circus horse, he was kept locked in his stall.  Someone might come and steal him.
Then he heard the blare of trumpets.  Pretty soon he would be coming out of his stall to do his tricks.  His trainer, Mike, opened the stall door.  “Come on, Knabstrup,” he said cheerfully.

Knaptrup galloped out of his stall right into the middle of the ring.  He bowed, nodded his head, and ‘counted.’  The audiance loved it.
Later on, he got back to his stall and fell asleep.  He woke up a little later and saw someone breaking open the lock to his stall.  What would he do?????



When you comment, I will post the next part.


3 thoughts on “Knabstrup, the Circus Horse

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